Network information analysis solution.
Based on the big data of the website, analyze the work of all kinds of content, and form a unified and intuitive analysis report.
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The whole network information analysis solutions through the fire site group (for example, all sites and Corps detachment) tracking and analysis, access to massive data browsing, visitor information, and combined with the fire protection bureau website data, brother fire units and the Ministry of public security public Internet data, the formation of "one main and four secondary" massive data warehouse (for example, for the Lord fire brigade, four auxiliary for fire department, fire brigade, fire unit under the brothers, a public database). Based on the website big data, we conduct a work instruction analysis for all kinds of contents, and form a unified and intuitive analysis report by forming histogram, graph and report form, so as to provide analysis guidance and decision-making basis for fire propaganda work.


Real time flow


Site traffic

The flow of access to a site (which has been registered) is displayed on a map in real time, and a summary statistics are given.

The total flow statistics for a site traffic, the number of online today, and within seven days of the end of the month, traffic and 

distribution area.


Publication statistics


Manuscript assessment

According to the time period, we analyze the amount of contributions, the amount of employment, the rate of employment and other       information of the departments and their subordinate units, and      give the ranking list.

According to the statistics of seven days and monthly, the flow         curve, unit distribution, total volume,   personnel coverage, number of  points, approval degree and so   on are analyzed.





Through the analysis of site traffic, evaluate the publicity effectiveness of the website in the unit.


To evaluate the initiative and quality of submissions by the sub units by statistics.


Through the assessment of the manuscript, the communication efficiency, the degree of concern and the degree of approval after the 

release of an important manuscript are analyzed.


Through the comprehensive analysis of the website flow, the information of the document, and the corresponding weight index, the 

website ranking is evaluated.


It supports the display of large data assessment reports on some information on the site, making visitors more intuitive to feel the heat 

of information browsing.