Technical research and application focused on large data and artificial intelligence
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Duxing technology is a technology-driven enterprise, after more than seven years of deep cultivation and accumulation, in the content of multi-screen display, full-text retrieval. Unstructured data storage and other areas have a wealth of technology accumulation. Committed to the big data artificial intelligence as an enterprise development strategy, designed to help customers realize the leap from data insight to intelligent decision-making.

Its core businesses include software product development, industry application solutions, data analysis mining, and cloud services, covering content management, big data applications, and private cloud services. Internet of things and artificial intelligence and other applications.

We have developed reliable software products such as CP,WGMS, multi-screen fusion information distribution system and whole network information analysis system. Intelligent fire screen system and other software represent a higher level of independent innovation in relevant areas in China. At the same time, science and technology continue to broaden the product line and comprehensive service capacity for the government, armed police, enterprises. Universities and other industries provide leading products, technologies and solutions. In order to meet the advent of the cloud computing era, the company has accelerated the development of data analysis and knowledge services based on cloud services in recent years. The aim is to realize the strategic transformation and upgrade of software enterprises.

Mission: Focusing on customer concerns and pain points, providing competitive information technology solutions and services, making customer work more practical, efficient, and rewarding.
Vision: To create a pragmatic and progressive information company, through continuous innovation and collaboration, to make office work more practical, efficient, and rewarding.
Values: Adhere to customer centricity; Integrity, dedication, and passionate struggle; Continuous innovation and collaborative growth.