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Cloud storage platform is completed in the fire brigade depl

The big data era of traditional file management caused great impact, the era of big data under the background of the document information has been presented at the explosive growth, the formation of massive information documents intertwined, and the need for the professional storage and management of the file information to dig out the huge value. Under such circumstances, the original document digitization management method has been far from meeting the needs of current file information management. How to manage files more scientifically and efficiently under big data environment is a challenge for every file manager.

The massive cloud storage platform greatly facilitates the file management work, to solve the problem of massive file search and management, further improve the level of information management unit, strengthen centralized and standardized management of the unit files, and improve the safety level of storage unit file.

In this context, the provincial fire brigade and our company reached a consensus, July 2017 27 morning mass cloud storage platform in the provincial fire brigade deployment completed!