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what phrase you should never have on your dating app Bio

From “Willing to lie about how we met” to “6’2” in heels,” there are certain phrases that many people consider reasons to swipe left on a dating profile.

Perhaps the worst of all has now been revealed though.

It is: “I made this account as a joke.”

The line is a bit of an insult to everyone on whichever app you’re using. Should we just swipe right as a joke? Go on a date as a joke? Get married as a joke?

The phrase appeared top of a discussion on Reddit about dating profile lines which immediately turn people off.

And it’s safe to say there are a lot of them.

Another strong contender emerged as saying obvious things that don’t distinguish you from the majority of people.

Examples include: “Love travelling, cheese and wine,” “Looking for a partner in crime” and “I love nights out as well as nights in.”

And an absolute no-no? Simply providing a list of demands rather than anything about yourself.

One woman pointed out that it comes across as aggressive and arrogant, which prompted another to suggest that lines such as “I have 99+ matches so you’ll have to impress me” should also be avoided.

Other baffling phrases often seen on dating apps are the peculiar “I never read my messages” (then what are you doing here?) and “Any questions, just ask.”

Seriously? You can’t be bothered to put any effort into your bio? As one person commented: “It’s so aloof and standoffish.”

So if you’ve been wondering why you haven’t been getting many matches, maybe it’s time to check your bio.

Oh, and no one like a blank profile either. Take five minutes to think of something witty and watch the matches roll in.